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Introducing TYM 2018.1 – Planning for Minimum Bets Made Easy

The latest version of TYM includes the new Minimum Bets Analysis module which provides Analysts the insights necessary to produce an optimal pricing strategy and transparency into the performance of each minimum bet tier.

Other improvements include the ability to run spread planning simulations for labor constrained properties.


Quickly Evaluate which Areas & Games have Most Underpriced/Overpriced Hours

Save time assessing the top pricing opportunities by quickly identifying Areas and Games with the largest gaps in terms of underpriced or overpriced hours.
Access the new Minimum Bets Analysis Module, Trends, and Floor Performance directly from Table Spread Planning to get additional planning insights.

Drill Down to Specific Opportunities that Highlight Exactly Where & When to Adjust Pricing

The new Minimum Bet Analysis module highlights where and when pricing changes from the current strategy should happen along with the exact number of tables needed at every price point for every hour of the day.

Validate Financial & Operational Performance for Your Price Points Directly on the Floor Map

Building off Tangam’s last release, the Minimum Bets dimension has been added to the game-changing TYM Floor Performance module. 
Analysts can visualize various KPIs such as Occupancy, Empty Hours %, or Theo Win by minimum bets for pits, games, or tables as well as filter top/bottom performers by quintiles.

Spread Planning Simulations for Labor Constrained Properties 

For properties that are constrained by staff, this new simulation automatically allocates table open hours that will have the highest impact on the bottom-line. Analysts can determine a spread that more closely reflects the property labor constraints or determine ROI of adding extra labor.
Select from either total hours or a percentage of past actual table hours to create an accurate spread in less time.

Upgrade to TYM 2018.1
Contact your Account Manager for a demo or to upgrade to the latest version of TYM.