A collection of materials to give you a better understanding of our customers' experiences and to share our knowledge of table yield management. See how Table Games Yield Management (TYM) can help your operation become more profitable and increase player enjoyment.

Baccarat Revenue Management

With the continuing world-wide rise of the Baccarat family of games, maximizing the game’s performance through yield management seems to be on every table games executive’s agenda. The term “optimum table games utilization” is being used widely...

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Table Games Spread Planning - A Deeper Look

Does the design of your table games operation hinder profit potential? This article presents an in-depth review of the top 5 sources of operational inefficiency. Strategies proposed here serve to improve the speed and accuracy of spread planning, and minimize the effects of operational gaps.

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Revenue Management Best Practices

These table games revenue management best practices, present aggregated information gathered from 26 different table games management teams, who collectively manage over 6000+ tables across 70+ casino properties.

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TABLE TALK: Yielding to new ideas

Years ago when I was visiting a local casino property, I observed that every open blackjack table was full to capacity, while a large number of tables remained unopened. I asked the GM why he didn’t open more tables or raise the limits. His reply was curt: “we’re going to get all their money anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”

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Talking Tables: Table Games Yield Management

Over the past 30 years, technology has revolutionized so many parts of our business. From player tracking to ticket technology, to advanced database marketing, to name just a few, we have used each of these technologies to increase the profits we can drive within our four walls.

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Customer Feedback

"TYM assisted in delivering both revenue growth and labour efficiencies by helping to ensure the best possible game occupancy and availability for valued patrons."

Sean McCreery

Executive General Manager of Table Games

Crown Casino Melbourne

"TYM is producing results more quickly than anticipated, and is definitely helping to improve our game spread and table limits."

John Stamatakos

Executive Director of Table Games Operations

Fallsview Casino Resort

"By using TYM, we saw a 10% increase in the bottom line, while increasing drop and hold percentage. We estimate about $30,000 per month in payroll savings from improved labor allocation. TYM cuts through the uncertainty and gives us the correct answers, whether it’s on a minute-by-minute basis or in a monthly summary."

Lance Young

Director of Table Games

The Meadows Racetrack & Casino