TYM Planning

U.S. Patent # 8512146

Table Games Yield Management (TYM) Planning analyzes all of your historical headcount and ratings data in seconds, and brings your data to life through actionable recommendations and intuitive visualizations that point to specific opportunities to improve your profits. (U.S. Patent # 8512146)

Labor Savings

Blackjack is over-spread by 6 tables between 8am-1pm on Thursdays. A labor savings or reallocation opportunity.

Revenue Opportunity

Baccarat is under-spread by 8 tables between 4pm-1am, Mon – Thur. An opportunity to generate $66,000 more per month in incremental net contribution.

Capacity Issue

We can increase Roulette capacity on the floor by 9 tables to satisfy high demand on Fridays and Saturdays. This can help generate $11,000 more per month in incremental net contribution.

Overall Efficiency

In March our overall efficiency was 96% on the Main Gaming Floor. And we missed $188,000 in net contribution opportunity in March due to misaligned spreads, limits and game mix.

For Executives

Spend a few minutes on the Monthly Summary dashboard to get an overview of opportunities to improve the table spread, game mix and table minimums. Drill deeper using the Trend Analysis dashboard for insights on business demand trends for your various game types and price points.

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For Analysts and Spread Planners

Use the Table Spread Planner to optimize table spreads, shift durations and start times by applying net contribution simulations under different game mix, spread and shift scenarios - in minutes! Includes export functionality to staff rostering software. Get into the Trend Analysis dashboard for an in-depth review of table spread and business demand trends. Includes the ability to change dates used for historical modeling on-demand and ability to drill down to the gaming floor view.

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For Gaming Managers

Scan the Weekly Highlights dashboard for a minute to see the top three opportunities for any given week to improve table minimums. Pair this information with TYM Live to drive performance improvements by managing table limits and spreads in real time.

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Uses data from your existing player data system

TYM works with your existing player data system -- receiving head-count, table betting minimums and wager data -- to analyze casino-wide player data and provide actionable recommendations and dashboards.

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Customer Successes


year-over-year increased profits

at a 40+ table casino by adjusting their game mix, shifting staff to higher demand times, and better managing betting limits


labor optimization savings

at a 100+ table casino by adjusting labor allocation, while optimizing for game mix, betting limits, and patron experience


year-over-year increased profits

at a 400+ table casino by improving table spreads and pricing, increasing market share while direct competitors suffered revenue declines

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“At Crown Melbourne, we plan table limits for peak and off-peak demand periods. Customer demand can fluctuate significantly across the different areas of our property and traditional communication tools have made it challenging to convey granular pricing to the gaming floor.

With Tangam’s latest release, we have an enhanced level of control and communication with operations staff to ensure the product and pricing strategy is maintained. This has, in turn, provided us with an optimized gaming floor installation – maximizing financial performance and enhancing the customer experience.”

– Brad Waldron, Head of Table Games Optimization, Crown Melbourne