TYM Live

U.S. Patent # 8016665

Table Games Yield Management (TYM) Live analyzes casino wide headcount and ratings data in real time, and issues real time prompts to floor staff to open or close more games and adjust betting minimums as player demand fluctuates throughout the day.

Open up to 5 Baccarat games incrementally if possible.

Historical trends indicate player demand is likely going to sustain for the next 3 hours.

Consider raising the betting minimum on two of the tables to $300 at the start of a new shoe.

There is high action for the number of tables currently open. Player occupancy on the $300 games is well above our optimal utilization target.

For Shift Managers

Respond to real time player demand conditions by using the Daily Overview dashboard to immediately see opportunities to improve table minimums and staff allocation. Look at historical trend data to anticipate whether player demand will increase or decrease in the next few hours.

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For Pit Managers

Receive prompts in real-time to change the betting minimums or adjust the table spread, on your Pit PC or Tablet. Feel confident that your decisions are now based on current and forecasted player demand across the entire gaming area, for each game type and price point.

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Performance Tracking & Accountability

Discover which shift and floor managers are excelling at responding to real time player demand conditions and who needs coaching. Manage the quality of your data collection through TYM’s data integrity reports.

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Customer Successes


year-over-year increased profits

at a 40+ table casino by adjusting their game mix, shifting staff to higher demand times, and better managing betting limits


labor optimization savings

at a 100+ table casino by adjusting labor allocation, while optimizing for game mix, betting limits, and patron experience


year-over-year increased profits

at a 400+ table casino by improving table spreads and pricing, increasing market share while direct competitors suffered revenue declines

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“Matching table supply to customer demand in a dynamic manner has traditionally been one of the most difficult aspects of optimizing Table Games’ performance.

In Tangam, we have software that enhances our ability to adapt our gaming floor in real-time to either capitalize on increased customer demand or refine our labor resource to minimize wastage – financially this has proven to be an invaluable tool for Crown Melbourne.”

– Sean Knights, Executive General Manager – Table Games, Crown Melbourne