TYM Floor Performance

- Answer recurring questions in minutes
- Measure performance using over 40 relevant KPIs
- Get unprecedented transparency into your operations

...all with a couple of clicks, directly on your floor map

Answer Any Operational Questions

Quickly diagnose problems using historical and real-time data. Slice and dice the data by areas, pits, games, shifts and even down specific hours.

Analyze Operational Decisions Easily

Identify performance gaps using the relevant metrics. Visually identify top and bottom performers resulting in changes in capacity, game mix and pricing.

Make Better Decisions

Operators can exercise judgment while leveraging data to make better decisions by using data on their own floor map.

Improve Profits

Clients experienced up to 15% increase by improving table spreads and pricing, increasing market share while direct competitors suffered revenue declines.

Flexibility & Availability

Access real-time data and relevant dashboards to answer all questions relating to the casino floor.

Confidently make and validate decisions with the metrics that are most meaningful to you, at any time.

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Analytics for Everyone

Quickly identify the highest and lowest performing games and confidently make the changes needed to improve the floor performance with ease.

Print regular or life-size floor maps with tooltips and comments to share insights in executive meetings or via email.

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Setup the Floor in Minutes

Upload your existing floor map PDF files and configure pits and tables, in minutes.

On-going maintenance is made simple, intuitive, and hassle-free.

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Customer Successes


year-over-year increased profits

at a 40+ table casino by adjusting their game mix, shifting staff to higher demand times, and better managing betting limits


labor optimization savings

at a 100+ table casino by adjusting labor allocation, while optimizing for game mix, betting limits, and patron experience


year-over-year increased profits

at a 400+ table casino by improving table spreads and pricing, increasing market share while direct competitors suffered revenue declines

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