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NIGA’s Annual Indian Gaming Tradeshow (video)

NIGA’s Annual Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention took place in April 2018 in Las Vegas. With more than 60 educational sessions, there was a dedicated Casino Operations track which featured a session entitled, Yield Management: Theory & Practice.

The focus of this session was to explain the building blocks of yield management and how it can improve an operator’s table games followed by real-life examples and answers to frequently asked questions on how operators can optimize their approach.


Yield Management: Theory & Practice
Annual Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention
Las Vegas, NV
April 10, 2018


The session started with an introduction to yield management for tables. In a nutshell, it’s providing the right product, in the right quantities, at the right price, at the right time. Ari provides a ‘day in the life of a casino’ example with varying types of customers and some insight into their needs/wants.

Introduction into Yielding



How Does Table Games Yielding Fit into Your Strategy?


Importance of Data Collection


Creating a Strategy


Controllable Levers to Increase Profits

Tactics to Improve Profits


Reacting to Changes in Real-Time


Blackjack Yielding Example



If you have any questions about the panel, the content presented or about yield management, please contact us. If you would like to learn more about yielding management, check out some of Tangam’s available resources such as the blog and Tangam Academy.