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Advanced Optimization in Table Games (video)

Interested in learning more in-depth about table games optimization? Check out the “Advanced Optimization in Table Games” session hosted by Ari Mizrachi, Tangam’s SVP of Casino Strategy & Operations.

This session teaches the science and math that drives decision-making and how to apply it to your casino operation, building off the fundamentals and moving into more complex topics. It also includes examples and strategies to manage table games operations.

The videos begin with Ari’s casino operations background and how casinos “yielded” at the time. He then dives into demand doesn’t control yielding, but rather influences it and how the goal is to improve performance for any level of demand.

From there, Ari discusses the various levers related to table games that an operator can control, along with relevant KPIs. Ari then elaborates on these concepts with a couple of examples.


Introduction to the Session


Yielding in a Nutshell


Levers & KPIs


Theo Revenue & Example


Occupancy & the Customer Session


Multiple Games, Price Points & Occupancy Targets


Case Study #1


Case Study #2


Q&A from the Session


This session was initially presented at the NIGA Annual Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention in San Diego from April 1-4, 2019. The event showcased more than 90 educational sessions, including Tangam’s session entitled, “Advanced Optimization in Table Games” which was hosted by Ari Mizrachi, Tangam’s SVP of Casino Strategy & Operations.