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Introducing TYM 2017.2: New Team Performance Features & Planning Simulations

The latest version of TYM includes updates to the individual and team performance dashboards that build on the 2017.1 release. Operations Managers and Analysts can now view and track individual and team performance, identify coaching opportunities, and assess captured/missed theoretical net contribution.

The Spread/Pricing Planning Dashboard now allows Analysts to run additional ‘what-if’ simulations under different table limit constraints to improve the planning process.

Upgrade your version of TYM to access all of these valuable features.


Improvements to Individual/Team Performance

Easily track individual and team performance to identify coaching opportunities for responses to recommendations and assess captured or missed theoretical net contribution.

Updates include a new field ‘coworker responded’, to separate any instances of recommendations that had multiple managers logged in. This enables managers to better assess how individuals respond to various types of recommendations.


Improve Spread/Price Planning by Simulating New ‘What-if’ Scenarios

Use 3 different kinds of “what-if” scenario simulations to uncover additional insight and identify gaps in spread and pricing planning.

Calculate net contribution gap from a roster uploaded with table pricing
Allows Analysts to identify gaps between their rostered pricing, and the optimized pricing, under fixed table open hours.

Calculate optimal table pricing with unconstrained table limits
Run the optimal pricing strategy without any table limit constraints to identify more opportunities in unconstraining table limits.

Calculate optimal open hours/pricing without latent demand projections
This option can be used to turn off latent or unmet demand projection.

TYM 2017.2 also contains additional features including new export options for headcounts.

Upgrade to 2017.2

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