TYM Performance

TYM Performance combines your Table Games Win and Drop with operational data such as Table Minimums, Utilization and Open Hours to give you complete visibility into your table games performance. Select from 40+ KPIs and compare multiple metrics through intuitive visualizations that identify opportunities to improve table game mix, and drive revenue and profit growth.

High Performer

With $9.8K Win/Unit/Day, and $394 Win/Open hour, Baccarat is the top financial performer in the Premium Mass area.

Incremental Revenue Opportunity

Baccarat utilization also exceeds optimal everyday between 4pm-12am – an opportunity to increase open hours and table capacity.

Low Performer

Roulette’s Win/Unit Per Day is only $2.4K and a Win/Open hour of $120 – the bottom performer in Mass Premium.

Labour Reallocation

On weekdays from 12pm-2am, Roulette has excess open hours and an excess table capacity. Reallocate staff and Table licenses to Baccarat to improve overall net contribution.

For Executives

Discover new game-mix opportunities. Harness the wealth of operational data in TYM, combined with financial data to gain deeper insights with ease, and enable swift corrective action to improve table games profit.

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For Product Analysts

Select from 40+ financial and operational KPIs. Assess performance at a high level across areas and game types and Investigate to finer detail, down to the individual table, day and hour. Identify opportunities to adjust game-mix.

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For Labor Analysts

Once game-mix change candidates are identified, simulate changes to Table Capacity to calculate net reallocation of labour required to meet patron demand under the new table capacity allocation. The expected impact to theoretical net contribution from the simulated change is also calculated.

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Customer Successes


year-over-year increased profits

at a 40+ table casino by adjusting their game mix, shifting staff to higher demand times, and better managing betting limits


year-over-year increased profits

at a 100+ table casino by improving table spreads and pricing, while direct competitors suffered revenue declines


labor optimization savings

at a 100+ table casino by adjusting labor allocation, while optimizing for game mix, betting limits, and patron experience

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