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Introducing TYM 2017.1 – mobile notifications, individual/team performance, and more

The latest version of TYM includes email notifications for real-time recommendations. Casino Floor Managers can now get alerts directly onto their mobile devices to capture real-time yielding opportunities sooner.

TYM 2017.1 also contains new functionality for individual and team performance management.


Real-Time Alerts with Mobile Notifications

Casino Floor Managers can now also subscribe to email notifications to their mobile devices when new real-time recommendations are available.

Log in from any mobile device, including personal or shared devices, to configure notifications and directly respond to recommendations within the email.

Pit View will still be accessible via pit PC.





Team & Individual Performance Measurement

Operations Managers and Analysts can now view and track the performance of Casino Floor Managers, both at the individual and team performance levels.

Review individual/team performance to identify coaching opportunities for responses to recommendations and assess captured or missed theoretical net contribution.


Review Staff Responses with Recommendation Response Analysis

Review how staff is responding to the different types of recommendations to identify coaching opportunities and avoid recurring rejections to improve recommendation execution.

Responses can be reviewed by recommendation type and rejection reason. Keyword search is also available.


The 2017.1 release contains many additional changes including enhanced back bettor support to improve occupancy calculations and changes to recommendation comments to provide more insight.

 Upgrade to 2017.1

Contact your Account Manager for a demo or to upgrade to the latest version of TYM.