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Introducing TYM 2016.4

Tangam is releasing the latest version of TYM in January 2017. TYM 2016.4 contains many powerful features that will allow more intuitive access to real-time recommendations and KPI trends. Users will also have more flexibility in managing the overarching business rules.

Review Multiple Areas Together in Daily Overview

Shift Managers and Analysts can now review more than one area in Daily Overview to better accommodate their daily tasks. With the dynamic filters now available in the Daily Overview, users can customize the dashboard with their selections. The new ‘star’ feature pins the most important charts at the top of the page for a quick side-by-side comparison.

More Flexibility Managing Business Rules

Minimum Bet Recommendations are updated so Operations can now fully customize their business rules down to the hourly level. With this increased flexibility, management can better control their pricing strategy.

Better Reporting in Recommendation History and KPI Trends

Numerous improvements are being made to Recommendation History and KPI Trends in order to facilitate better reporting. These updates include two categories for Recommendation Actions, removing ‘pending’ Recommendations from aggregated charts and tables, as well as updating labels, dates, and columns on charts.
The 2016.4 update features many additional changes to improve the recommendation engine, better manage table rosters, more detailed visuals, an enhanced minimum bet dimension in the Table Performace dashboard, and a 25% reduction in database size.

Upgrade to 2016.4
 Contact your Account Manager for a demo or to upgrade to the latest version of TYM.